Apply to be a Certified “My Life Online” Presenter

Thanks for your interest in joining our squad of awesome “My Life Online” Presenters!

IMPORTANT INFO: We are accepting applications until Friday, July 14, 2017

GROWING THE TEAM: At this stage in the “My Life Online” journey, we are looking for 3-5 additional presenters to add to our team in the USA and Canada. These people will be delivering the presentation in elementary schools to kids in grades 4-8.

THE PURPOSE OF THIS APPLICATION: The purpose of this application is to get to know more about you and determine FIT. We want to know why you are excited about this opportunity and why we should be excited about you.

THE JOB DESCRIPTION AND PAY: We will explain those details after this portion of the process. Selected applicants will hop on a Skype or Zoom call with us (Blake and Dave) so we can say hello and explain more details about this role. That is also your opportunity to see if WE are a fit (you have to like us too, otherwise why would you want to work with us?).

8 WEEK ONLINE CERTIFICATION PROGRAM: Based on our call, the next step is to begin training…online. It is approximately 8 weeks of online training which involves videos, calls with us, and submitting several written and video assignments (no in-person meet ups with us are required). This training can be done on your own time and will fit around your current work commitments/ schedule. When you successfully complete the training, you will be ready to rock as a Certified “My Life Online” Presenter and start delivering this in elementary schools in your area.

WHEN YOU WILL START PRESENTING IN SCHOOLS, NUMBER OF PRESENTATIONS AND TIME COMMITMENT: Our goal is to have our new presenters delivering this message in schools by October 1st. We tell all of our presenters that you may get as few as ZERO presentations all year and you may get up to 5-10 per month. There are many variables to this (which we can fully outline on our call with you) and we are committed to making this PART-TIME work very flexible for you. As a reference point, one of our presenters delivered 24 paid presentations between January and April of this year. This is a PART-TIME role. Although this may evolve into full-time work for the chosen presenters, it will not begin that way. Basically…don’t quit your day job…YET 😉

LIFESTYLE/ TRAVEL FOR PRESENTATIONS: We keep the presentations within 2-3 hours of your home, so you do not need to travel by plane and rarely need to spend a night out of town. On the rare occasion our presenters have to travel by air, we will pay for your air travel and make sure it fits your schedule.

• Fill out the application below
• Someone will be in touch within the week to tell you if you’ve been chosen for a call with Blake and Dave
• Based on the outcome of the call, you begin your flexible 8 weeks of training (online).
• Based on your training, you become a certified My Life Online Facilitator and start to deliver the presentation

Be you, have fun, and fill out the goodness below.