For Schools

The Presentation (Grades 4-8):

One of our Certified My Life Online Presenters will come to your school and deliver up to 2 presentations (approx. 45-60 minutes). This allows us to slightly tailer the message to specific grades. This presentation is the kick off to key conversations and our additional resources for your school and parent community.

During the presentation, students will…

  • Learn the 3 key questions needed to self-guide their life online and make the most of every post
  • Practice the skills needed to be a Critical Consumers of online media
  • Begin making decisions online based on their personal and professional goals
  • Integrate a higher degree of empathy into their online communication
  • Become aware that their Digital Footprint has short, medium, and long-term consequences – both positive and negative
  • Discover how to create positive opportunities and relationships online
  • Start to craft their positive digital citizen identity

Press PLAY on the video below to see the My Life Online presentation in action:

K-3 KIDS: Building Healthy Habits For Smartphones, Screens, & Tablets (Grades K-3):

A story-based digital resource for teachers to use in the K-3 classroom.

Press PLAY on the 2-minute video below to watch a guided tour of the K-3 KIDS program.

Follow-Up Curriculum For The Classroom (Grades 4-8):

After the presentation ends, the curriculum begins. We want to make less work for teachers, by equipping them with this complete Media Literacy unit. Simply press PLAY, and we will do the rest. Students follow along with the activities and can complete the unit over 6 weeks (or your preferred timeline). Each lesson is approximately 30-60 minutes, depending where you take the discussion.

Below is a list of the topics covered.

LESSON 1 – HURTFUL TO HELPFUL: Empowering Students to be Critical Consumers and Responsible Contributors Online

LESSON 2 – PRIVACY AND PASSWORDS: What to Protect, What to Project, and How to Stay Safe Online

LESSON 3 – MY LIFE OFFLINE: Helping Students Become More Mindful of Their Time Online and Empowering Them to Digitally Detox

LESSON 4 – SELFIE RESPECT: Building Habits to Support Mental Health and Positive Self-Image in a Noisy Online World

LESSON 5 – HANDLING HATERS: The 3-Step Process To Responsibly Respond to Haters, Critics, and Bullies Online

LESSON 6 – LEAVING AN ONLINE LEGACY: Combining Character and Contribution To Guide Your Life Online

Press PLAY on the video below to watch a guided tour of the follow-up curriculum.

LIVE Parent Webinar (60 minutes):

This is like a virtual parent night. The program is not complete unless parents are in on the message. We give tools to adults to help them converse with kids about social media. Rather than having parents come to the school, we will go to their home (online).

Here is what we cover during the LIVE Parent Webinar:

  • The alarming facts, stats and realities about growing up in the 21st century
  • The one thing people forget to teach kids about social media
  • How to help kids feel empowered and excited to be safe online
  • How to help kids build a positive online presence
  • The 3 key conversations every parent must have with their kids about their life online
  • Refreshing your family outlook on social media

Here is how it works:

  • You choose a date and time
  • We give you a unique registration link to email to your parents so they can sign up
  • Parents are automatically sent all the details so they can easily log onto the webinar
  • Parents log on, learn and interact with a LIVE Q&A
  • We send you a recorded version for distributing to the parents afterwards

CLICK HERE to download the “My Life Online Parent Webinar” brochure.