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  • VIDEO #1: The “My Life Online” Mindset That Gets All Kids To Pay Attention To This Important Conversation
  • VIDEO #2: The 3 Questions Every Kid Needs To Learn Before Posting Anything Online
  • VIDEO #3: The 5 Key Conversations To Have With Your Kids About Social Media
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“Every single student in the country needs to experience this program.”- - Billy Gallant, Grade 5/6 Teacher, Simon Alaittuq School, Rankin Inlet, Nunavut
“This presentation gives students a perspective that will completely change how they interact with each other online.”- - Kate Fish, Vice Principal, District Schoolboard of Niagara
“I was just blown away. They gave so much valuable information to these kids today and held their interest. They should take this on the road across Canada.”- - Joan King, Teacher, Niagara Catholic District School Board
“I encourage any administrators who are looking for a program about online safety to get on board with “My Life Online.’”- - Michele Reaume, Principal, York Catholic District School Board

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